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Gero Gero Chess by ApocalypseWii Gero Gero Chess by ApocalypseWii
Next chapter.
A couple days later after the encounter with Jonah, Adam has started to get to know more about a few of Nami's friends. and they are Natsumi and Fuyuki. (From the Keroro Gunso series).
One Morning, Natsumi called Adam over for a favour. When Adam go there, Natsumi secretly told Adam about the Keronians that are at her house. She forced Adam to watched him while she's at school. then She and Fuyuki quickly left for school, all thanks to a certain narrator that's in the series...
Adam was like.... this is stupid.. dozen of minutes later, Adam saw a chess board on the table. He could see that Keroro was setting it up. Keroro wanted to try out chess. Adam thought he could join him, and maybe it will help pass the time.
The white pieces were there. but black pieces of were missing, Keroro disided to use his gundam figures as the pieces to play chess. Adam was having a bad feeling about this... Natsumi will go mad if she finds out. and what's worse... Keroro doesn't really know how to play chess... Adam was like, WTF?... So they spend lot of hours going through rules before playing....
Wow... No wonder Nanunu really hates the sarge.. This is the last time someone is playing chess with a Keronian... Don't think its really their thing.. =(
(I kinda got this idea from a TV comedy show "Bottom)

Adam Beriko :iconarmageddonswii: (Me)
Sgt. Keroro Keroro Gunso
Credit goes to the sprite of Gundam: [link]
Kerorolover23 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2010
XD sucks to be you! :3
Nanunu: now you see my reason for hating him... >>
Telmathechaoraiser Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2010  Student Digital Artist
XD I would probably own Keroro at chess. And annoy him cause im a chess rule nazi(Aka If anyone makes an illegal move I point it out and restate the rule they voilated)
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October 7, 2010
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